Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 29th @

This month brings you: variations on the stuff that doesn’t get you everything (and on the Barrett Strong theme); a musical opening celebration of crawfish season; perspectives on marriage, New Orleans style; a country take on prison life; Cajun versions of hit songs; rhyming song titles; nutty deep throat rockers – and, not only one, but three tunes dedicated to this show’s signature gill-bearing aquatic creature!

1. The Rocking Capris – Money (Confederate)
2. The Kingsmen – Long Green (Wand)
3. Tommy Ridgley – I Need Some Money Baby (Johen)
4. The Stone Crushers – Crawfish (RCA Victor)
5. Bo Diddley – Crawdad (Checker)
6. Clarence „Bon Ton“ Garlow – Crawfishin’ (Flair)
7. Lee Tillman – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Montel Michelle)
8. Johnnie Taylor – Getting Married Soon (Derby)
9. Lloyd Price – I Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothin’ (ABC Paramount) 
10. Claude King – Parchman Farm Blues (Columbia)
11. The Dad Horse Experience XL – Folsom Prison Blues (Off Label)
12. Don Lewis – Tall Walls (Kale)
13. Cajun Trio Plus One – Les Mardi Gras (Riders In The Sky) (Swallow)
14. Clifton Chenier – Say Too Koreck (I’ve Got A Woman) (Crazy Cajun)
15. Harry Fontenot & The Cajun Four – Battle Of The Hats (Battle Of New Orleans) (Swallow)
16. The Romeos – Juicy Lucy (Mark II)
17. Noble „Thin Man“ Watts – Ricky Dick (Baton)
18. Richie Barrett – Tricky Dicky (Atlantic)
19. The Nitecaps – Jelly Bean (Chess)
20. The Creeps – The Whip (Candy, LP track)

21. Tic & Toc – Jibba Jab (Vik)

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