Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Find Of The Week

Where is the time? What was thought as a short hiatus has turned into a solid 4 month break. Not that we've been sitting on our hands - preparations for several record fairs and our new hobby "Discogs submissions" took ample time - and the original idea of presenting obscure and unheard-of music had to be left behind.

But we are back with a special treat: a record that features an obscure artist on an extremely rare, most likely private (Detroit) label with an unknown date of release. The drumbox with what sounds like a home organ dates this into the early to mid 70s - but what is most striking is the voice of a singer who is just too good to be just a home-recording, once-in-a-lifetime record producer. 
Is this an alias for somebody who wanted to get this out despite reservations from his (major) record label? Or the literal lucky strike of an ambitious amateur? We might never know, but maybe somebody out of the vast audience of this blog can be of help.
Where is the CIA voice recognition machine from the movies when you really need it?

As always, any thoughts, hints or wild conspiracy ideas are highly welcome. The runout matrix etching says " 6970 AS 95 GM East Det."