Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sept 13th @ www.piratenradio.ch

Tuesday’s Killer Beats - Holy Mackeral! with DJ Sonoflono
Showtime: September 13th, 2016

Whenever DJ Sonoflono goes fishing, he will come back to port with his nets chockfull of fresh catch. He knows his aural treasures hook, line and sinker and there is nothing in the whole wide ocean that he won’t use for this sonic bouillabaisse - be it small, like the petite plankton of popcorn, or big, like the white whale of wonky soul.
Arranged in triplets of the same era, genre, theme, or speed, and interspersed with ocean-themed snippets, September clearly marks the end of summer!

The nights are getting longer, reason enough to start with three night-themed instrumentals, followed by three essential spices. The next set revolves around female mephistophelic incarnations. East Asia had its own brand of Garage Rock, which is exemplified triplefold. My new dog just moved in and thus deserves an appropriate triplet of her own. This fall will be warmer than the previous one, therefore rhumba rhythm abounds in three songs, both secular and non-secular. Next are three fantastic German Northern Soul tunes, followed by a tribute to a slow-moving musical force of nature, the almighty Egg Yolk Jubilee out of New Orleans, LA - who just lost one of their founding members.