DJ Activities

Yes, I do enjoy the many perks and vast monetary rewards that await the ambitious vinyl spinner...

As DJ SONOFLONO, I am active in one or more of the following genres:
Soul, R&B, Popcorn, Rhythm & Swing, Black Rockers, Vocal Groups, Gospel, Rock'n Roll, Teen Heartthrobs, Girl Groups, Beat, Garage, Screaming Wildmen, Surf, Swamp Pop, Hot Rod Vocals, Rockabilly, Country Boppers, Flipped Rockers, Tough Chicks, Killer Instrumentals, Exotica Neurotica, Unclassifiable Oddities, Wiggled Beats, Electric Blues, and my guilty pleasure is 60s Dance Crazes...

As part of the DJ collective MUDDY RIVER YA YAs, I spin 50s and 60s sounds together with my dear record nerd colleague TOM BEST.

In order to satisfy the needs of the microscopic Soul scene in Basel, we have created a regular Soul/R&B/Popcorn night called THE GRIP.

In March 2012, a group of record collectors and DJs have launched a monthly listening party dedicated to 50s and 60s sounds on vinyl, called the RAUNCHY RAWHIDE CHICKEN.

As a long-time fan, purveyor and collector of New Orleans soul, R&B and related genres, I also have an irregular series called SUPERGUMBO.

Here is a shortlist of other activities:

DJ locations in Basel: 
Tiki Bar @ Platanenhof

Cafe Kairo, Bern 
Bar Berlin, Luzern
La Madeleine, Luzern
Palace, St. Gallen
Hangar Rockin, St. Stephan
Club Helsinki, Zürich
Gonzo, Zürich 

Primitiv Bar, Berlin
Club Rakete, Stuttgart
Goldmark's, Stuttgart
Hot Rod & Art Festival, Weil am Rhein (WAR) 2010

New Orleans Mod Dance Party @ Saturn Bar, New Orleans
One Eyed Jack's, New Orleans
R Bar, New Orleans
Zuzu's, Boston
The Independent, Boston 
River Gods, Boston
Botanica Bar, New York City
The Fifth Estate, Brooklyn

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