Saturday, April 22, 2017



DJs RPM & Sonoflono
April 21st, 2017
Grenzwert Bar
DJ Sonoflono's set:

Sil AustinThe Hungry EyeMercury
Wayne RobinsonThe Rooster WalksTime
The RumblersBossDot
The Rio RockersMexican Rock 'N' Roll InstrumentCapitol
Phil Guilbeau & His Creole StompCreole WalkAtlantic
The Original StarfiresCamel WalkApt
The Joe Lee ComboSweet And LovelyAlley
Earl (Night Train) ForrestNight FlightTriumph
The TikisBig FeetMinaret
The ChiefsHow!Valiant
Cozy ColeBlop-UpKing
Edgar Blanchard & The GondolierBopsody In BluesRic
Chaz + 2Soup-BoneMab-Jab
Walter Hamilton & His QuintetKaiak Pt. 1Hi-Q
Bobby Gregg & His FriendsThe Jam Pt. 1Cotton
Keetie And The KatsWay OutHuron
The I.B. SpecialSpanish TwistWand
The Raging StormsHound DogWarwick
Dick Dale & The Del-TonesShake-N-StompDeltone
Jim Pierce & The PistolsThe Green HornetRepublic
The KasualsSo TuffPeppermint Stick
Richie AllenGoochy BambaEra
Ken Jones Chicken Pot PieAlmont

Midnight Special: Springoween

Hank Levine
Louis Armstrong & Gordon JenkinSpooks!Decca
The CadillacsThe Boogie ManJosie
The DoodlersThe Dangerous DangerooJones
Gene MossI Want To Bite Your HandRCA Victor
Billy DeMarcoDrac's BackKeefo
Jimmy ElledgeGonna Turn My Voodoo OnRCA Victor
Frankie Stein & His GhoulsGoon RiverPower
Thurston HarrisPurple StewAladdin
Morgus & The GhoulsMorgus The MagnificentVin
Frank Rondell & The ChancellorsThe BatFujimo
The Mark IVDante's InfernoMercury
Round RobinI'm The Wolf ManDomain
Rod WillisThe CatNorthwood
Claudine ClarkWalkin' Through A CemeteryChancellor
Satan & DeciplesMummie's CurseGoldband
The Castle KingsYou Can Get Him-FrankensteinAtlantic
Johnny AldersonZoola ZookyÄva
The IdolsThe ProwlerRCA Victor
The NaturalsThe MummyEra
Bart LewisFrankensteinOklahoma
Cris KevinHaunted HouseColt 45
Skipper RyleWolf GalSaxony
The ZaniesThe Mad ScientistDore
Sheppy KingSpooks The CowboyFelsted
Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm RockVoodoo MamaNorton
The Beat From PalookavilleIt's Your Voodoo Workin'Sleazy
Lord SutchBlack And HairyPeace & Love
Terry TeeneCurse Of The HearsePantherman
Salty HolmesThe Ghost SongDecca
Bob McFaddenFrankie & Igor At A Rock And RollBrunswick

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Visual playlist: THE REC-O-GNIZER @ Soul Gallen, April 14th 2017

Always a pleasure to come back to this place. The old movie theater is the perfect venue for THE REC-O-GNIZER and the audience is one bunch of open-minded free spirits. Special kudos to DJ Soulsonic a/k/a Herr Wempe who keeps this flame burning since 2010!
Here is the link, in case the gallery embed is not working.
Tuesday’s Killer Beats - Holy Mackeral! with DJ Sonoflono: 
Showtime: March 28th, 2017 @ Piratenradio

Whenever DJ Sonoflono goes fishing, his nets are chockfull with fresh catch. He knows his aural treasures hook, line and sinker and there is nothing in the whole wide ocean that he won’t use for this sonic bouillabaisse - be it small, like the petite plankton of popcorn, or big, like the white whale of wonky soul.

This new HOLY MACKERAL! installment brings such varied fare as a tribute to The Raunchy Rawhide Chicken (the world’s best DJ night!), another tribute to the late great Chuck Berry, underwater songs, sacred music, the deconstruction of the American Songbook, New Orleans dance crazes, plus a going places special.

Tracklist for March 28th, 2017:
1. Buddy Harmon – The Chicken Back (Mercury)
2. Billy Murlan – Rare Back Chicken (Cherokee)
3. The Leopards – Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie (Leopard)
4. Chuck Berry – Havana Moon (Chess)
5. Chuck Berry – Downbound Train (Chess)
6. Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley – Bo’s Beat (Pye)
7. The Frogmen – Underwater (Candix)
8. Ronnie Fuller – Do The Dive (Joli)
9. The Scuba Crowns – Scuba Dive (Challenge)
10. Frank Sinatra & The Charioteers – Jesus is A Rock (In The Weary Land) (Columbia)
11. Mahalia Jackson – I’m On My Way (CBS)
12. The Heart Touchers – Payday Is Coming After A While (Kable)
13. The Four Casts – Stormy Weather (Atlantic)
14. The Sparks – Ol’ Man River (Decca)
15. The Casinos – Moon River (Sims)
16. Danny White – The Twitch (Frisco)
17. Robert Parker – The Scratch (Nola)
18. Elton Anderson – The Crawl (Lanor)
19. Jimmy McCracklin – What’s That Pt. 1 & 2 (All City)
20. Eddie Bo – I Love To Rock And Roll (Ace)
21. Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere (American Recordings)

22. Skippy Roberts – Holy Mak’ral Andy (Lark)