Saturday, July 14, 2012

Find Of The Week

While the A-side is nothing to write home about, the flip grooves along with razor-sharp lyrics.  
Pat O'Day - Two Timing Eyes

The sparse information that is available tells us that Pat O'Day was a jazz singer that despite fine vocal abilities, was most known for an album cover of the cheesecake variety:
(picture courtesy of lpcoverlover)

This record has been sold repeatedly for several hundred bucks. Yes, when your lover has gone, you may have at least some records to sell...Nonetheless, most biographical information comes from the liner notes of said LP.

Pat O'Day had her first national hit with "Dear John Letter" on MGM, which charted #17 in August 1953. Further on she worked with labels such as Chess and Seville. 
Any info on this 45 is highly appreciated. The Boylston label looks like it is private from the Boston area. This makes sense because one source mentions that she is from Revere, MA.
Internet research on Pat O'Day is complicated due to her namesake, the "other" Pat O'Day.

The research on Bill Leavitt, the arranger of this tune has been more fruitful. Read his bio here.


  1. Hi stax o reex
    Pat o day aka Patricia Davis is my sister in law mother she use to talk to me about here music career back in the day it's cool that that people still remember here and i can say hay i know here and she is alive and well living with here daughter
    and granchildren in dallas texas

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for your comment asnd the info - glad to hear that Pat is doing well!