Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 5th @

There is nothing in the whole wide ocean that DJ Sonoflono won’t use for this sonic bouillabaisse - be it small, like the petite plankton of popcorn, or big, like the white whale of wonky soul. 
The May installment of the HOLY MACKERAL is all about spring, sunshine and love. Starting off with some of the typical issues like fish jumping and the heat, you are soon to be taken away by a flirtatious and rhumba-flavored doo wop set. After a quick stop on Mother’s Day, the darker side of spring is covered by a set of haunted country songs. The trees are in full bloom, so an ephedrine-fueled rocking instrumental set with „green“ in the title might help all those plagued by hay fever. French versions of well-known Soul tunes might have nothing to do with spring, but are always enjoyable. Also, who might think of Halloween halfway between the scary holidays? I do, but will make up for it a with a final set of very powerful love songs.

Tracklist for May 9th, 2016:
1. Gatemouth Brown – Summertime (Esquire)
2. Mr. Sad Head – Hot Weather Blues (Juke Box Jam)
3. The Enchanters – Fan Me Baby (Coral)
4. The Heartbreakers – Wanda (Vik)
5. The Lamplighters – Five Minutes Longer (Federal)
6. The Parrots – Weep, Weep, Weep (Parrot)
7. The Chanters feat. Ethel Brown – Hot Mamma (Combo)
8. Lou Perez & His Orchestra – Mama, Mama (Mama) (Sabina)
9. Hayward Lee – Mother Dear (Jet) 
10. Bill Whittley & His Westernaires – Ghost Walk (Amber)
11. Eddie Dale – Okefenokee (Imperial)
12. Stringbean – Suicide Blues (Starday)
13. Dave Grundy Combo – Green Onions (Hit)
14. Steve Douglas – Rockin’ Green Sleeves (Grapevine)
15. Jim Pierce & The Pistols – The Green Hornet (Republic)
16. Dick Rivers РTout Se Passe Dans Les Yeux (Path̩)
17. Jackie Mouliere – Lam’ Di Lam’ (Disques Salvador)
18. Liz Brady – Hey O Daddy O (Capitol)
19. The Graveyard Five – The Graveyard Theme (Stanco)
20. Frank Rondell & The Chancellors – The Bat (Fujimo)
21. Dr. Shock – Let There Be Fright (Greentree)
22. Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins – I Found Love (Brunswick)
23. Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds – Love-Itis (Magic Touch)
24. Deon Jackson – Love Makes The World Go Round (Carla)
25. Little Richard - Holy Mackeral (Stateside) 

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