Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July 5th @

Whenever DJ Sonoflono goes fishing, he will come back to port with his nets chockfull of fresh catch. He knows his aural treasures hook, line and sinker and there is nothing in the whole wide ocean that he won’t use for this sonic bouillabaisse - be it small, like the petite plankton of popcorn, or big, like the white whale of wonky soul. 

Arranged in triplets of the same era, genre, theme, or speed, and interspersed with ocean-themed snippets, the July installment starts with three times “party” in the title, the theme continues with a set of original Lousiana party rockers. The tropical heat brings out the savages, so next are songs with “Tarzan” in the title, before variations on the “Kidnapper” popcorn riff will cool us down. Parties need dancing, so here are three different spellings of the Boogaloo! After a set of jazz standards, it is back to party again with three black rockers. The end is my personal take on Brexit, with titles expressing deep emotions of the left behind

Tracklist for July 5th, 2016

1. AC-DC Current Swingers – House Rent Party (JGEMS)

2. Gene Allison – Havin’ A Party (Ref-O-Ree)
3. The Ray-O-Vacs – Party Time (Kaiser)
4. Bill Parker & Band – Sweet Potato, Cha Cha (Hollywood)
5. Huey Smith & His Rhythm Aces – Everbody’s Whalin (Ace)
6. Alvin „Red“ Tyler – Snake Eyes (Ace)
7. The Intruders – Me Tarzan, You Jane (Gamble)
8. Lee Tillman – Tarzan (Sonora)
9. The Pygmies – Don’t Monkey With Tarzan (Liberty)
10. Jewell & The Rubies – Kidnapper (ABC Paramount)
11. Sam Hawkins – Let Me Dream (Decca)
12. Joe Hinton – You Know It Ain’t Right (Back Beat)
13. A.C. Reed – Boogalo-Tramp (Nike)
14. Jerryo – Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo (Shout)
15. Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford – The Boogala (Challenge)
16. Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer Quintet – Blindman, Blindman (Mainstream)
17. Paul Kuhn Ensemble – Caravan (Columbia)
18. Willie Mitchell – Take Five (Hi)
19. Willie Loftin – Bad Habit (Smoke)
20. The Magic Tones  – Good Googa Mooga (King)
21. Little Jimmy & The Sparrows – Snorin’ (Val-Ue)
22. Lonnie Lester – You Can’t Go (Nu-Tone)
23. Jimmy Hughes – Time Will Bring You Back (Fame)
24. Cletus McFarland– You’re Gonna Miss Me (Terry)

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