Friday, October 7, 2016

Tuesday’s Killer Beats - Holy Mackeral! with DJ Sonoflono: The Halloween Edition
Showtime: October 4th, 2016

Whenever DJ Sonoflono goes fishing, he will come back to port with his nets chockfull of fresh catch. He knows his aural treasures hook, line and sinker and there is nothing in the whole wide ocean that he won’t use for this sonic bouillabaisse - be it small, like the petite plankton of popcorn, or big, like the white whale of wonky soul. 
Arranged in triplets of the same era, genre, theme, or speed, and interspersed with ocean-themed snippets, 
October sees the first Halloween edition of the Holy Mackeral! Show. 
Get haunted by monsters learning to party, three different female ghouls, mentally disturbed subjects and sound effects, creatures you may have never heard of, variations on our most favorite slasher, a triplet of doo wop demons, very old and very rocking mummies and introducing: the bebop vampire!

Tracklist for October 4th, 2016:
1. Bob McFadden – Frankie & Igor At A Rock And Roll Party (Brunswick)
2. Archie Bleyer – The Rockin’ Ghost (Cadence)
3. Jack & Jim – Midnight Monster’s Hop (Brunswick)
4. Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks – Voodoo Woman (Elektra)
5. Johnny Alderson – Zoola Zooky (Äva)
6. Skipper Ryle – Wolf Gal (Saxony)
7. Count Baltes & The Egors – Opening The Coffin (Raven)
8. Chuck & Oneda Harding – Graveyard Ghost (T.R.C.)
9. Lord Crazy – Crazy Crazy (CCA)
10. Andy Thomas – The Red Monster Of Earth (Starway)
11. The Doodlers – The Dangerous Dangeroo (Jones)
12. Tommy Bruce – Monster Gonzalez (RCA Victor)
13. The Weirdos – E.S.P. Theme For Shock Theater (Lan-Cet)
14. The Valiants – Jack The Ripper (Jelma)
15. Casey Jones & The Governors – Jack The Ripper (Golden 12)
16. The Nu-Trends – Spooksville (Lawn)
17. The Coasters – Idol With The Golden Head (Atco)
18. Jive Five – People From Another World (Beltone)
19. Satan And Desciples – Mummie’s Curse (Goldband)
20. The Naturals – The Mummy (Era)
21. Mel Cavin & The Kokonuts – My Mummy (Bertram International)
22. Philly Joe Jones – Blues For Dracula Pat. 1 (Riverside)
23. The Treniers  – Holy Mackerel Andy (Brunswick)

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